International Process Server

PTA Process Servers have been established as expert UK Process Servers for 40 years. We are trusted by clients across the country, known for our fast and reliable service. Whatever documents you require serving, our experienced process servers prides itself of providing the utmost levels of service.

Whilst we have worked hard to establish our reputation as a trustworthy agency in the UK, fewer clients seem to be aware that we are one of the UK's few international process server agencies. For over 40 years we have couriered vital legal documents around the world, including service of process in remote areas that others may not go to.

At your request we can serve legal documents anywhere in the world. We can even provide express an international process server, who, depending on the circumstances, will serve papers at a time that meets your urgent requirements.

PTA Process Servers arrange all our international process servers from our offices in the UK. international process serverOur experienced logistics team plan out any complicated serves before passing them onto an agent. We find that the system we use allows us to complete international process service with the minimum of fuss and complication. Our experienced team carefully plans each service, and all of our process servers are trained, talented, and knowledgeable. We will go where other agencies won't, to make your process serve efficient and successful.

International Process Server

International process service is something that very few UK process servers offer. International process servers need extra levels of dedication, knowledge, and investigative skills. Process serves often need to be completed quickly, and the recipient often does not want to be found. This means that sometimes, investigative measures may be necessary to complete the serve.

This is another area in which we feel we have an edge over many of our competitors. As part of Peter Taylor & Associates we have a long lasting association with a team of expert investigators. Our international process servers benefit from this knowledge, meaning they are more than capable of tracing any recipient who tries to evade them.

A International process server has even more of a complicated task than those serving only in the UK. Recipients of legal documents will often wish to avoid being served. International process servers may have further to go to find them. This is why PTA Process Servers has a team of specialist international process servers, with the skills to go the extra distance to serve your documents.

Our current and past clients are a testament to our successful history as international process servers. Wherever you need papers to be served, we are the company for you. Contact us today.